Blades of Temptation 20/?


Summary: It’s been four years since Kurt and Blaine broke up, leaving Blaine alone in Lima with his abusive father and Kurt following his dreams in NYC. Kurt has a boyfriend, a sure career at and excelling grades at NYADA. Everything is going perfect until he runs into his ex-boyfriend and comes down with a severe case of White Knight Syndrome. Kurt follows his heart but the weight of the love may drag him down just a bit too far. Kurt’s POV. Read Blaine’s at kurtsontop’s account! Warnings for drugs, suicide attempts, self-harm, language and sexual mentions.

A/N: Trigger warnings for past mentions of sexual assault/rape, and panic attacks. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and happy Sunday to those who don’t! This will probably be the last angst-y chapter for a while. Writing such a sensitive topic is tough and I want to give all of you incredible readers a break. Thanks to everyone who continues to read and review! The song used this chapter is Love Like a War by All Time Low. Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Chapter Twenty: No Escape From the Truth

Fail-safe trigger, lock-down call,

Wipe the dry clean-slate, quick, sound the alarm,

No escape from the truth and the weight of it all.

I am caught in the web of a lie.

            It had been four hours. Four hours since he’d been pinned to a filthy mattress beneath a set of heavy hips. Four hours since he’d screamed for help, his throat raw and his eyes stinging. Four hours since he’d dreamed of Blaine and stumbled his way out of Chaos as the world spiraled around him. Four hours.

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Stained Glass 20/?

A/N: Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, or Merry Sunday to those who don’t! This chapter might actually be the last angsty one for awhile because we want to give you wickedly awesome people a break. Thank you so much to all of you who read this, and an extra thank you to those who review because that’s just so spectacular of you. This song is A Love Like War by All Time Low. Warnings for Seblaine, self-harm, mentions of rape, and treating chips like a breakfast meal. 

Summary: It’s been four years since Kurt and Blaine broke up. Blaine, traumatized by the abuse his father branded him with and still obsessed with the man who shattered his heart, has turned to drugs and selling his body. When Kurt re-enters his life with a new mission to restore him to the way he was, Blaine isn’t so sure he’s ready to be friends with the person who ruined his life. Warnings for self-harm, suicide, sex.Blaine’s P.O.V; Kurt’s P.O.V is written by coffeebeanklaine (S&C;Tumblr) /TheyCantTouchUsOrWhatWeHave (FanFiction) titled Blades of Temptation

Chapter Twenty - Our Sorry Little Hearts

Make a wish on our sorry little hearts,

Have a smoke, pour a drink, steal a kiss in the dark,

Fingernails on my skin like the teeth of a shark,

I’m intoxicated by the lie.

            Blaine woke up around 10a.m. the next morning, pressing his fingers into his eyes as if that would push away the light streaming through his blinds. His neck felt like he’d been sleeping on his head the whole night and his back somehow seemed to agree with that.

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